The Strangest Of Stock Photos

Stock photo’s really are the saving grace when you just don’t know what kind of photo you are looking for. Not only are these photos endless they are also super easy to decipher since most of them tend to be placed in unlikely situations, with some rather terrible, overdone acting. While some of these photos come in handy for general purposes, others are just too weird to even use. Thankfully stock photos are free of charge because we could only imagine who would ever pay for these…


All Eyes On You




Well, if anyone felt as though their wife or girlfriend wasn’t paying enough attention to them, then here you have your ideal women, who’s got not just two eyes on you, but all of her creepy nine on you. Regretting what you wished for? Don’t worry, it’s just a completely useless and strange stock photo anyway.



God’s Gift


GettyImages/Moment/ MortenFalch Sortland


One of god’s greatest gifts to man was fruits from the trees that he created. We are forever grateful for these sweet, juicy and healthy fruits that keep us all us filled with goodness whenever our heart desires. There’s nothing quite like a nice fruit salad.


Luscious Lettuce




Who knew that lettuce could be so seductive? Well for those of you who weren’t already aware, here you have it. The most luscious and tempting lettuce, and it doesn’t even having dressing or additional toppings on. Wild.



A Sweet Treat




There’s no better treat and gift from god than some fresh fruit. It’s the most satisfying thing in the world, we can never get enough of it, and it’s also super healthy both for our physical health as well as for our mental health. We’re not just talking about the fruit itself by the way.


Self Cuddles




Well, self-cuddling is much better than most other activities these days that can be very dangerous and inappropriate. Most of us are not capable of sleeping in such a position, but thanks to this girl’s unrealistically long legs, she can stay single for the rest of her life and always provide herself with comfort.



Raunchy Radishes




Well, in general, most people aren’t the biggest fan of radishes. They tend to be bitter and not having anything special about them. But then again, it’s all about perspective. If you enter the stock photo world, then you’ll be able to see these previously boring vegetables in a whole different light.


Settled Down




Many people as they enter adulthood aim to settle down. What this generally means is to get married, have kids and buy a house. But when it comes to stock photos, everything is out of the normal. So for this woman, settling down means planting a garden on her head. Perhaps she’s cultivating ideas?



Hello From The Other Side




Hello from the other side. It’s me, your secret giant bunny lover. Well, if this isn’t creepy and super random then we’re not sure what is. This looks like it’s about to turn into a mystery murder case and we’re really not sure what the purpose of this stock photo could ever be.


Seductive Sandwich



Well, in general sandwiches tend to be a little salty. Although this one isn’t exactly salty, it’s surely full of flavor. It’s just not exactly the kind of sandwich we had in mind, and not the kind of sandwich we would give our children for a packed school lunch. Stock photos, what’s wrong with you?



The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree


GettyImages/EyeEm/Alex Tihonovs


So they say that ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’. Well, that generally means that someone is very similar to their family in a certain way. Here, it may have been taken a little bit more literally, but perhaps this woman learned her seductive techniques from her mother. Because where else would one take an apple and snake for a photoshoot?


Flower Power




It’s all about the flower power. But some people aren’t aware of all the powers that flowers truly have, and what else they can represent beyond being a beautiful part of nature that smells good. It’s got a different smell to it too sometimes, and a different kind of beauty to it too. It’s all about perspective.



Crunchy Carrots


GettyImages/PhotoAlto/ZenShui/Rafal Strzechowski


Carrots are crunchy, delicious and healthy, filled with vitamins and dietary fiber. For some however, carrots are more than just a nice snack, and are their entire world. This stock photo model has decided to surround herself with an array of carrots and also hold one in a rather suggestive way.