The Strangest Of Stock Photos

Stock photo’s really are the saving grace when you just don’t know what kind of photo you are looking for. Not only are these photos endless they are also super easy to decipher since most of them tend to be placed in unlikely situations, with some rather terrible, overdone acting. While some of these photos come in handy for general purposes, others are just too weird to even use. Thankfully stock photos are free of charge because we could only imagine who would ever pay for these…






While most stock photos tend to be rather generic and simple, some are completely mind-blowing. This one, however, decided that it needed to take the notion of mind-blowing to the next level and make it a whole lot more literal.



Hello From The Other Side




Hello from the other side. It’s me, your secret giant bunny lover. Well, if this isn’t creepy and super random then we’re not sure what is. This looks like it’s about to turn into a mystery murder case and we’re really not sure what the purpose of this stock photo could ever be.


Crunchy Carrots


GettyImages/PhotoAlto/ZenShui/Rafal Strzechowski


Carrots are crunchy, delicious and healthy, filled with vitamins and dietary fiber. For some, however, carrots are more than just a nice snack and are their entire world. This stock photo model has decided to surround herself with an array of carrots and also hold one in a rather suggestive way.



Berry Nice




While we all love some sweet fresh berries, generally we don’t eat them in such a strange way. Most people also probably don’t either. But when it comes to the wonderful world of stock photos, anything goes really. No explanation needed.


Mother-Daughter Duo



This is a rather unique mother-daughter duo. Not exactly one that we see every day, and not exactly a safe one that any normal parent would approve of. But hey – that’s stock photos for you. Nothing is safe or parental approved. They are just there for our own entertainment.



Monkeying Around




Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to monkey around? Especially not in a professional work environment! Well, according to the wonderful world of stock photos, apparently it’s just fine and is also completely normal to have an ape show up to the weekly meeting.


Briefcase Babies




Well, this is totally normal. We all put our twin babies inside of a briefcase. Children this age also absolutely love to read the newspaper and stay up to date with what’s happening in our world. Not. Whoever created this stock photo must have had a few too many drinks last night.



Doctors Without Borders




This stock photo isn’t exactly what they meant when they said doctors without borders, although clearly this doctor or nurse whatever he may be has no borders. In what world does the doctor just leave the office to go surfing without changing out of his uniform? In the stock photo world of course.


Pasta Party




Sometimes, before marathons, races organize pasta parties for all runners to carb up before running miles upon miles. But this doesn’t seem to be this situation over here in this stock photo. This woman has just decided to throw up some Spaghetti in the air just ’cause.



The Piggy Bank




Really only in the strange and unexplainable world of the stock photo does a piggy bank look like this one does. Well, at least they know how to keep things interesting. Just be sure not to use this one for your class budgeting project, that’s for sure. Your teacher probably won’t be amused in the least bit and might think that you’re experiencing some personal issues.


Something’s Fishy




Something here looks pretty fishy. Any ideas of what? Well, we sure have a few ideas in mind. First of all, besides the fact that this picture makes no sense at all and that’s not how you eat fish in normal societies, she’s eating a fish. So that’s already seriously fishy in and of itself.



Stock Soulmates




Soulmates come in all shapes, sizes, and forms. So when it comes to a man dressed as a parrot and a typical woman, that’s fine too. Well, at least in the wonderful world of the stock photo. There are no rules other than the fact that things must be strange and unexplainable.