Star Wars Plane

If one is a major Star Wars fan, we have found the plane for you. Get ready to travel on the one and only, Star Wars plane. This United Airlines aircraft is decked out in all things Star Wars related, reeling in fans from all over just so they can get this experience of a lifetime.

The aircraft is not labeled as the Star Wars plane when passengers go to book their trip but travelers can track the ID of the plane, therefore checking to see if their next trip is on this one of a kind cabin. So, most passengers will just arrive at the airport unknowingly booked on that aircraft.

In total, the plane resembles “Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker” as a whole. Both the interior and exterior of the aircraft are designed based on the good and evil side of the force. The exterior of the aircraft is both blue and red and as passengers board the plane the theme song is playing.

When aboard the aircraft, the headrest of the seats is split by color. Red headrests resemble the mark of the autocratic First Order. Blue headrests carry the sign of Princess Leia. Passengers do not have the option to pick which side they prefer, it is all based on the seat they were assigned prior to the flight.

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