Spotify’s Equalizer Setting

The majority of people spend a great portion of their time listening to music. As they drive from place to place, take a walk or just work out, music gives people the outlet to listen and understand their mood.

While rocking out to your favorite jam, there is nothing worse than listening to it at the lowest quality. Even if you are wearing reliable and high-quality headphones, sometimes music just doesn’t sound right.

Well, thankfully for Spotify, they have come up with a way to help out. Something many are not aware of is the Spotify setting that benefits the sound of your music. Due to the equalizer setting being hard to find in the application, we have decided to lend a helping hand and show you exactly what to do.

To start, go to settings and scroll all the way down till you find the ‘Equalizer setting.’ Once you get to that section, plug in your headphones and click one of the preset settings. It is recommended to click ‘Rock,’ or ‘Pop,’ even if that is not your genre of choice.

Then, once the music starts to play adjust the settings to your liking until you find that perfect balance. Just like that, your music will start to hopefully sound a bit better. To test how well the equalizer works, plug in your headphones and getting jamming away to your favorite tunes of the day!