Holiday Phone Accessory

The world never fails to surprise us with new inventions or little nick nack items, especially during the holiday time. As Christmas time nears, people start to slowly get into the holiday spirit. In order to not go full force into the spirit, it is best to start off with the little things, that make a big difference.

In the case of this idea, “Amazon is selling phone chargers that are also a string of Christmas lights”, according to Bored Panda. This phone charger is equipped with 10 LED multicolored lights that turn on when the phone charger is being used. Another cool feature is that the phone charger is actually 50 inches long so it makes it perfectly equipt for use when in need of a longer charger.

Unfortunately, this Christmas light charger is only able to be used with iPhones making it more of a limited item to consumers. Maybe one day, Amazon will start supplying these chargers for different brand phones allowing everyone to join in on the Christmas spirit!

Until then, this item is available for purchase and seems to be highly recommended by customers who have purchased the charger for loved ones, themselves or gifts!

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