Spiked Still Water

Pura Still water is known to be the very first spiked water that doesn’t require bubbles to be exciting and tasty. Although it’s still water, it’s surely not even close to flat, with a 4.5% alcohol content.

For awhile already, alcoholic drink brands have been dedicated to finding new products that will speak to their health-conscious customers. They wanted to create a product that would be suitable for those that like to consume small amounts of alcohol here and there, but that don’t want the high caloric content that generally comes with it.

Well Pura Still, the product of FIFCO USA has managed to create something that contains only a mere gram of sugar and that has only 90 calories.  They have self described their product as the ideal way to enjoy without straying away from a healthy lifestyle.

Essentially, Pura Still is an alcoholic water. Although it’s not completely ideal for those trying to avoid consuming alcohol, it’s still a great way to consume it without it going noticed, as it’s hard to differ it from regular still water.

This new and exciting water is now available in three flavors, including mango, blueberries and orange-mandarin. But it’s more expensive than regular water, so if you’re trying to stay both hydrated and drunk then you might want to reconsider your choices.

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