Spider-Man Comes To Life

Researchers at the University of Toronto and the University of Connecticut have recently come out with an artificial skin.  This skin could actually give the wearer superhuman capabilities, similar to the fictional superhero we all know and love, Spider-Man.

The stretchable skin is set up with multi-functional sensors which are capable of sensing changes in pressure, or a strong magnetic field.  These new wearable electronics are both stretchable and flexible, and even have sensing abilities similar to those of human skin.

In fact, it may even be able to do a whole lot more than human skin. For example, it may be able to detect magnetic fields, abnormal behaviors, and sound waves.  The artificial skin could assist with the disposal of hazardous materials and even with rescue missions.

It also has the potential give burn victims and amputees a sense of feeling back.  The skin is reported to be waterproof, and is capable of holding it’s shape for years.  The main issue at the moment is that the skin is yet to be flat, which is something that researchers are still working on.

Depending on the approval of the United States Food And Drug Administration, the researchers of this project are hopeful that their supernatural skin will be available on the market in the near future.

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