Spicy Food’s Effect On Cognitive Function

Food, food and more food. Our lives pretty much revolve around something we all know and love: eating. As we choose what to eat on a daily basis, the option are endless. For some, we prefer to eat on the cleaner side and for others we decide to spice it up, literally. Whether we choose to add some Tabasco sauce or chili flakes, this quick dash is bound to add a nice kick to our meal.

As we go about or delicious meals and enjoy the red hot spiciness, we have never thought to understand what the spice could actually do to us. A new study from the University of South Australia and Qatar University just discovered the whereabouts of the spice.

It has been “found that people who eat spicy food every day are at a higher risk of developing dementia” according to Mirror online. Dementia is a general term used when people start to lose their mental ability interfering with everyday life. This diagnoses is one that many gain as they grow older causing them to have memory loss and altercations in reasoning skills.

However, it has been said that chili is an ingredient that can speed up metabolism and fat loss, which is why this study is so interesting. It is the first time anyone has gone against this face saying it has an effect of cognitive skills.

Being that this is now known, we can’t help but be more cautious when seasoning our foods. Even though we love the spice, we don’t believe these risks are worth it. For some, this information will have no effect on there usual routine and they will continue to load up on everything spicy.

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