Space Roasters

Technological advancements throughout the centuries have found the perfect process of both roasting and brewing coffee, allowing people across the globe to enjoy delicious hot java made from beans grown even thousands and thousands of miles away.

Space Roasters, a bold and unique startup has decided that they want to roast coffee in space for some reason. They believe that coffee needs to revolutionized using technology from beyond planet earth.

Their plan is to use the heat that is created throughout the reentry process to earth through the atmosphere in order to roast the coffee beans.  Furthermore, they’ve even developed a special capsule that carries beans before landing on Earth with a parachute.

It’s estimated that a cup of this special coffee will cost somewhere around $500, and that’s only if they manage to find a company that’s willing to launch it’s equipment into space.

Not only is this coffee incredibly expensive, but it could also take up scarce and highly valuable cargo space of future space missions that could potentially have more important scientific goals, with all due respect to coffee.

They’ve already announced a pre-sale campaign to sell their yet to be released product, and we’re surely not buying it.

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