South Korea’s Controversial Reality Show

With so many TV shows out there, in order to truly succeed and stand out for competitors, you’ve surely got to have a controversial topic. And when it comes to plastic surgery, it’s always been a rather fascinating topic. 

So it really should come as no surprise that these types of shows have proven to be a big hit in the Western world, time after time. And when it comes to South Korea, they are among the world’s biggest fans of plastic surgery. It was pretty much inevitable that they would have a plastic surgery centered show too. 

The controversial South Korean reality show is known as Let Me In, and the concept is taking poor women from minority groups and offering them a ‘better life’ through plastic surgery.

And while a nose job or lip fillers is always nice, the contestants go through procedures so extreme that they are often left completely unrecognizable, changing features such as the shape of their mouths, eyes and overall bone structure. 

Despite its undeniable success, it’s also received its fair share of criticism for putting plastic surgery on such a pedestal. In the meantime, South Korea is the number 1 country for plastic surgery per capita, and viewers continue to be absolutely fascinated by the results on the show. 

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