Sorry Kids: The Truth About Your Favorite Childhood Stories

Growing up of comes with both it’s inevitable advantages and disadvantages.  One of these disadvantages includes departing from our beloved childhood moments, which in turn, also means realizing some unfortunate truths too.  Here are some harsh realities about your favorite childhood stories that will surely ruin your entire childhood. Sorry kids!


Sesame Street


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Remember the adorable red character Elmo from Sesame Street? Well, his voice and puppeteer was actually played by Kevin Clash, who unfortunately was forced to leave the industry after some sexual abuse allegations were made against him.  Somehow, Elmo isn’t quite as cute as we remember him to be.



Winnie The Pooh


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Although most of us think that Christopher Robin and Pooh are the best of friends, in real life, Christopher Robin, the son of the author, A.A Milne, really didn’t like Pooh, to say the least.  School bullies gave Christopher some uncalled for extra attention for his father’s fame.


Peter Pan


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The fact that Peter Pan contains some rather controversial content is already quite known. The messages are sent out that kids should never grow up, that they should do as they please, oh and also that pedophilia and killing others is just fine. 



Alice In Wonderland


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As hard as it may be to swallow, it appears as though Lewis Caroll, the author of the classic story Alice In Wonderland may very well have been pedophile. A collection of photographs of nude young girls was found in his home, and was a shock to people across the globe.


The Wizard Of Oz


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The Cowardly Lion in the classic film, The Wizard Of Oz was so realistic. In fact, that’s actually because his costume was made from real lions, and more than just a few lions were killed merely for the custom. Before the final costume was chosen, several trials were made too, also using real lion skin.





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Rapunzel is the classic story of a girl with incredibly long hair that of course ends happily, like every other fairy tale. But in the original version, not quite. The witch actually throws her out of the tower, forcing her while pregnant to be homeless. The prince also leaves Rapunzel and wants absolutely nothing to do with her after impregnating her. Still dreaming of super long hair?


Snow White




The earliest version of Snow White is rather bizarre. The evil queen in the film is actually her real mother, and she decides to send a group of killers to put Snow White out. Why in the world would she want to do such a thing? To eat her lungs and liver, of course. 



Hansel and Gretel


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As if the story of Hansel and Gretel wasn’t already kind of messed up, the original version is even crazier, believe it or not. A demon that lives in a cottage has a strange habit of bleeding their victim until there’s nothing left at all with a sawhorse. 


Walt Disney


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Walt Disney is known to be one of, if not the, ultimate children’s entertainer. However, at the same time, he also had a secretive dark side. His films in the earlier years often contained stereotypes and racist remarks. Disney was also known to be a sexist when it came to hiring workers.



Beauty And The Beast


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Many of us think of the live action version with the beautiful Emma Watson when we hear about the Beauty And The Beast. But the original story is pretty dark, and pretty scary. The beast actually decides to keep beauty’s dad captive, so instead she takes his place in order to save her father. Beauty has no romantic feelings whatsoever for beast, but knows that her family will die if she escapes.


Harry Potter


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Harry Potter is without a doubt one of the most popular and loved children’s stories. It is little known that the story however, is actually inspired by the death of the author, J.K Rowling’s mother. At the young age of just 25 years old, her mother passed away, and in turn – she made Harry an orphan. She also didn’t have the best relationship with her father, which explains the unfortunate behavior of James Potter, Harry’s father.



Mickey Mouse


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Mickey Mouse, our beloved Disney staple has been around for over 80 years, and is the most known cartoon character out there.  Although a children’s character, he was in fact inspired by war, with his name ”Mickey Mouse” used as a pass-code during World War II.  Disney’s wife convinced him to change this character’s name to Mickey Mouse from Mortimer, feeling as though it would be the ideal name.