Soccer’s Brightest Stars

Soccer is a dazzling sport. Amazing feats of athletic prowess and physical capability stand side by side with incredible acts of cunny and sheer volition. While pretty much every soccer player playing in the big leagues is talented  in a way that many of us soccer laymen can barely even comprehend, some soccer stars happen to stand out more than others. These are the players that make or break games, these are the players whom people ask about when they say, “did you see the game last night?” These are soccer’s most impressive and beloved scorers.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Gettyimages / Patricia De Melo Moreira

The Portuguese superstar. Ever since his debut match in 2001, Cristiano Ronaldo has managed to score almost 800 goals (791 to be exact). At first denounced for his so-called “wimpy” attitude, his boyish looks, and his intense emotional attachment to the game; Ronaldo’s sheer skill and sportsmanship has made him one of the major faces of soccer. A living, breathing soccer legend.

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