Snap Map Saves Lives

A teen who got taken was found all thanks to her friends and Snapchat. Who would have ever thought that Snapchat could come into play when saving lives? Well, for this teenager she utilized her Snapchat account to inform her friends that she was kidnapped and in need of help.

With the use of Snap Map’s, a feature on the application, she was able to be located in due time. Snap Maps works just like Find My Friends on an iPhone, showing the location of a user at all times. If one would like to disable this mode, it’s quite easy. All one has to do is go into Snapchat and settings, to click the off button.

If one wants to be able to still be found by friends by not their entire contact list, the Snapchat user has the option to share location with their closest friends. Giving users a way to stay in touch with their friends on the application at all times especially when in need of help.

Thankfully, this fourteen-year-old girl was able to find her way home safe before something more traumatic or life-threatening occurred. She was sexually harassed and drugged when cops intercepted the act going on in a motel room. Her kidnapper was put into custody and was charged with multiple instances.

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