Smoothie Bowl Artwork

A vegetable smoothie might not sound like the most delicious treat, but Hazal Zakaryia, a New Zealand artist  has found a way to make them one of the most attractive and desirable items on the market.

Her edible artworks use natural ingredients only and are filled with intricate designs.  The designs most likely don’t make the smoothies taste any better, but they most certainly make them appealing to the eye.

To make them, she very carefully uses a kitchen knife and wood skewers to paint over the vegetable and fruit thick base. The paints she uses are all edible and are made from turmeric, milk, cream, blue matcha and butterfly pea powder.

It’s hard to believe that she’s only an amateur artist with such professional and impressive works. She’s in fact a market analyst and she expresses her artistic side only in her spare time.

Zakaryia tells Martha Stewart that she discovered this hidden talent completely by accident by attempting to decorate a squash soup she was making. While garnishing the soup with swirls of coconut cream she became inspired.

When the swirls didn’t come out as she wanted she added pesto and turned the garnish into a tree. She continued to experiment and discovered smoothie art.

For Zakaryia it’s a fun outlet, a form of self-expression, a chance to be creative and a personal challenge. It’s also a great way to eat more fruits and vegetables.

She recommends that if you want to make your own smoothie bowls to begin with a thick base and then save the lighter ingredients as a topping for the ideal layering.

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