Smoked Watermelon

For all vegetarians who are either curious, or simply missing the taste of juicy smoked ham, you”ll be overjoyed to learn that you no longer have to miss out.

A New York City restaurant, Ducks Eatery has created an Internet sensation with their new ”smoked ham” which consists of no meat whatsoever. In fact, it’s made from a whole watermelon.

At first look, the creation looks just like meat with all the charring and scoring. Even when cutting into it, the middle was red ”flesh” looking marks,  just like a delicious rare steak. The taste however is something completely different.

Initially it’s a meaty, salty taste and then quickly becomes sweet, especially once you get closer to the center.  The secret behind making watermelon taste like meat is preparing it in a similar way.

The chef peels off the rinds and marinates it for four days in his special sauce consisting of salt, ash and herbs. He then smokes it for eight hours and then places put it in a pan.

While some people have been incredibly eager to try this, others have responded rather negatively, feeling as though veganism has gone too far.

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