Smartphone Free Bar

A trendy cocktail bar has recently opened in Helsinksi, Finland.  The bar, Chihuahua Julep, has decided to make it a rule that patrons would not be allowed to enter the bar with smartphones, in order to encourage them to engage in real social connections with one an another.

At first, the bar owners merely encouraged visitors to put their phones aside so that the light from the phone screens wouldn’t get in the way of the ambience of the bar.

However, after seeing how relaxed and at ease patrons who listened to their request were, and how much more engaged in conversation they were with those around them, they decided to make it a flat-out rule.

Now, anyone that wants to enter the bar must put their phone in a box upon arriving.  The owner explains that there are still some people that have a tough time with the rule, especially parents who are anxious to check up on their children, as well as young people, but for the most part, people warmly welcome the idea of truly unwinding, any enjoying a drink without any outside distractions.

It is important for all of us to take a break from our busy lives, and put our phones aside. Most of us wouldn’t do this if it wasn’t enforced upon us.

In Finland nowadays, social media addiction and smartphone addiction is a popular topic, with experts believing that an entire 90% of smartphone users are addicted.

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