Sleeping Pods Made From Trash Cans

A multi-millionaire from England has sparked some controversy in his effort to provide the homeless with a rather strange sleeping pod. Peter Dawe, who surely had good intentions at heart, came up with the idea of creating sleeping pods from two plastic trash cans.

Dawe claims to have thought up the idea after seeing a prototype car seat made from a plastic trash can and was surprised as to how comfortable it really was. And while it wasn’t quite a bed,  it’s still better than sleeping on the sidewalk. 

With this in mind, Dawe set out to offer this solution to the homeless, allowing them to be less vulnerable and more protected than a simple sleeping bag.  

These unique sleep pods are made from two plastic trash cans, and supposedly offer enough room to lie down in. Dawe however has expressed his understanding that it might not work for everyone, and that it’s still, of course, not a solution to homelessness. 

He also understands that while some people think it’s absolutely innovative and genius, others are horrified by the concept, seeing it is seriously demeaning to the homeless. 

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