Sleep Remuneration System

On a global level, the Japanese are among those that work the longest hours on average. Thankfully, however, there are certain companies that are starting to realize that some changes need to be made.

They are slowly understanding that in order to be more productive at work, that their workers also need to get enough sleep. In fact, one of these companies has come up with a rather unique system to help encourage their workers to get more sleep.

They are now rewarding them with ‘points’ which can be spent at various cafeterias and cafes. It’s known as the ‘sleep remuneration system’ and has been implemented by CRAZY, a wedding planning company based in Tokyo, Japan.

The company has decided to work together with Airweave, a startup that works specifically with sleep analysis technology. They will keeping track of the sleep patterns of their workers. Those that download that app on their smartphones, and are willing to share the data with the company are entitled to obtain points, based on the amount of sleep hours they get per night.

CRAZY is hoping that this new system based on rewards will help to improve the habits of their employees, their overall health and lifestyle, and in turn, increase their productivity levels at work.

The employees are simply required to place their phones by their beds and turn on the app before sleeping. The Sleep Analysis app contains software that is capable of tracking people’s body movements while sleeping, and even measures sleep time and sleep depth, among other small details.

If the workers decide to share the data with their company, and successfully sleep at least 6 hours per night, for a least 5 days a week, they can earn hundreds of points that can be used for food in the CRAZY office building.

The more they keep up this pattern, the more points they can get. Although the rewards are not the most attractive possible, the sleep remuneration system definitely has something special about it, especially so in Japan, where many workers are overworked and exhausted.

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