Sleep Positions: What It Says About Personality

Have you ever wondered what your sleep position says about you? You will probably be very surprised to hear that it may very well be related to your personality. Most of us are very aware of our body language while awake. And now for the first time we are able to understand our subconscious positions. Several studies have found a correlation between sleep positions and personality.

There are many different sleep positions, however the most common are stomach, fetal, solider, yearner and starfish.  The most recent studies on sleep positions have been conducted by Premier Inn, a British chain hotel, as well as by Dr. Chris Idzikowski.

The Premier Inn as part of their research, surveyed over a thousand British people, asking them questions about their specific personality traits as well as which sleep positions they most commonly slept in. Although there can be many flaws in such a survey since the information is based merely on personal report, the survey was intended mostly for fun purposes and did in fact show very interesting results.

Idzikowski, who conducted a separate survey, also questioned close to a thousand British people. He questioned them about the position in which they prefer to sleep, and the traits that they would use to describe themselves.  His results were fascinating, however did not prove to be true for Southeast Asians.

Side Sleepers

Side sleepers are those that sleep like a log. They sleep on one side with their arms straight and down their side. Approximately 15% of study participants claimed to sleep in this position and were seen to be people who are trusting, highly gullible, easy-going, however rather inflexible in their thought process.

Yearners is the term for people who sleep with their arms straight out. This made for around 13% of the group studied, and were shown to be stubborn, cynical and suspicious people.  Those who sleep in this type of position are likely to be sore and stiff upon waking up, which might explain their negativity throughout the day.

Fetal Position

Those who lie on the side with their knees on their chest are fetal position sleepers. This specific sleep position was found to be most common among women.  This position had a relatively high percentage (41%) of people claiming to sleep in such a way. The fetal position is known to be an attempt to comfort ourselves, so it would only make sense that it would be among the most popular.  The traits found to be related to the fetal position include being shy however warm, organized and conscientious and having a tough outside.

Stomach Sleepers

People who sleep in a ‘stomach sleeper’ position are commonly referred to as free fallers. This is for the very reason that they hold their pillows with both arms on their side.  7% of study participants reported to sleep in this position and were shown to have traits such as anxious and outgoing, and constantly having a feeling of ‘being behind’.

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers are mostly soliders. It’s the position where you lie completely flat on your back with your arms close to your body. This back sleeper position can cause snoring issues as well as sleep quality as a whole, however at the same time it is also considered the best way to prevent pain.  Since this is the solider position, it has been found to be related to personality traits such as quiet, reserved and holding a very high standard.  This position had the highest percentage (85%) of people that reported to sleep this way.

Starfish Position

A starfish position sleeper is one that lies on their back and raises their arms in their head area. This causes a higher chance of snoring. The related personality traits to this position include discomfort of being the star of the show, good listening skills as well as helpfulness.