Slack On Hate Groups

The well known team collaboration app, Slack is mostly used to help those in the workplace better connect with each other. However in some cases, it’s used for less than positive purposes.

The app has recently announced in their blog that they in fact removed 28 accounts that were proven to be related to hate groups. The announcement has made it very loud and clear that all hate groups are not welcome to be apart of Slack, and that they will continue to crack down on any future groups that engage in such behavior.

Slack officials have released a statement saying that hate groups go against what they stand for, and that there will be acceptance for such comments.

Other major social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have also struggled to keep hate groups from sharing their negative messages, however such companies must do whatever it takes to keep fighting.

Hate speech spread across the internet comes with real life consequences, and Slack believes that banning such groups is the most promising strategy. Without such platforms, the hate groups become a whole lot less powerful.

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