Six Giant Pythons As Pets

While many young teenagers seek attention online by doing a wide variety of unique things, dreaming of going viral – they often don’t do it in such a way, or as far as we’re concerned at least they don’t. So what is this unique, unheard of way of going viral? Well, Chalwa Ismah Kamal, a fourteen year old girl in Indonesia actually has not one, but six massive pythons as pets. She loves to cuddle with them, and that’s exactly what she shows in her videos online that have helped her become well-known across the globe, or at least, across the internet. 

Somehow, this fearless young girl isn’t like the majority of the crowd that would surely run as fast as they possibly could if they witnessed a snake this size (we surely would too) – and apparently really has no safety concerns whatsoever about these large python snakes. In her videos, she shows how comfortable she feels with them, petting them, cuddling with them, bathing them, and overall having a great time with these giant python snakes.  These videos have unsurprisingly gone viral throughout Instagram and TikTok – and have left people completely speechless, as are we to be honest. 

Chalwa is reported to have been raising these six snakes from the young age of just 4 years old, although it’s still not clear how this all began. And while she might not be very concerned about the dangers of snakes, those that have heard about her close contact with them surely have – which only brings Chalwa to even further explain how her snakes are in fact tame animals that are merely placed under false negative stereotypes. She’s even claimed that her snakes are not poisonous. Well, we sure hope her claims are accurate and that she continues to succeed online not only in going viral, but also in changing connotations towards snakes! 

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