Side Effects Of The Man Bun

A new trend has been hitting the streets for a while now. Whether it is a man or a woman rocking this look, the man bun is a style and a half.

Walking in the streets and scrolling through Instagram, we can’t help but notice how many men and older men have started to wear a man bun. The reason being just because or for something a bit more serious.

As we get older, our hair starts to fall out and get thinner. This being the case, some people try to cover up their bald spot with a man bun. A genius way of doing so, it is warned that a man bun has to be done properly. The reason is that wearing a man or woman bun, we could say, can actually be damaging to our delicate hair.

According to, “Pulling hair tight into a bun causes heavy traction on the hair follicles, which can damage them over time and cause even more hair to fall out.” Now, this is something we definitely don’t want happening. Known as a condition called alopecia.

Alopecia simply means hair loss. To avoid this process from occurring sooner than later, it is warned that we wear our man buns lower and looser. Even though that is not the ideal look, later on, we will be thrilled that we listened to this very simple tip!

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