Shoebox Flats

Hong Kong is well known for it’s highly expensive and small flats. One property developer however, has attracted some attention for selling apartments smaller than ever seen before, just when we thought that apartments in the area couldn’t possibly get any smaller. In fact, they are actually smaller than the average parking space.

These all new flats are known as shoebox flats, as they measure only 128 square feet, making them smaller than the average parking space in Hong Kong, which in general is 130 square feet.  However despite it’s incredibly small size, the housing unit has everything that one could possibly need, including a bed, dining table, a kitchen, a fridge, a toilet, and believe it or not, even a storage space.

Considering that the entire apartment only takes 5 steps to get from one end to other is pretty impressive.  The layout is reported to have been inspired by student hostels which are based on making the most of small spaces with maximum functionality.

So far, only two of these apartments have been sold and have failed to impress potential buyers. Although these apartments have been priced at $364,000, this is actually much more reasonable than the average nano flat in Hong Kong, with micro apartments being sold for nearly a million dollars.

Hopefully things will pick up for these apartments, and the next time you feel like complaining about the size of your apartment, think again and back to these shoebox flats.

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