Sentimental Attachment To A Mattress

As we sit and think about all the things we love in this world, it is hard not to say, your very own, cozy bed. Yes, a bed. This inanimate object is one that provides our body to fall into a deep sleep each night as we hit the pillow.

Being that we humans have such an attachment to our beds, it can sometimes be the cause of people not attaining enough sleep throughout the night. All because they are not in their own humble abode. With this being the case, going out of town or having a sleepover with a friend is something that is quite difficult for people to say yes too.

While this love we have for our beds, this can increase the sentimental value we hold for the item. So, when we grow older and have to give away our twin bed and make it a queen bed, it seems like the world is ending.

Of course, brands make mattresses in all different sizes but there is nothing like your warn in mattresses, that has your body’s indents in the pad. So much, in fact, that the second you lay in bed, your body just sinks down into the mattresses, right away.

Now, this is what we call love for a mattress.

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