Sentenced To Watch Bambi

A deer poacher in Missouri who is believed to have killed hundred of deer illegally over the past decade has been given a rather unique sentence.

The court has ordered him to watch ‘Bambi’ the Disney classic movie about a baby deer at least once a month for the course of a year.  David Berry, together with his two sons, Kyle and David Jr. have been hunting innocent and defenseless animals in order to use their antlers as trophies.

Although their illegal and highly evil acts have been mostly motivated by money, it is also believed that they had a large personal motive of satisfying their own egos.

The court hopes that making him watch Bambi over and over again will hopefully allow him to realize his faults. He will also be serving a year in prison, where he will have no choice but to watch the movie.

Some find it hard to believe that after being able to kill hundreds of real life deer, that this man will be moved by a fictional animated character, however judges sometimes come up with rather creative ideas.

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