Self-Driving Cars On Inequality

Those in favor of of self-driving cars believe that they help reduce not only traffic, but also help to ensure that there will be less accidents on the roads, as it reduces human made mistakes while driving.

A new study, however, argues exactly the opposite, claiming that if the streets were to be filled with self-driving cars, it would only make the situation even worse, in terms of both traffic, as well as increase inequality when it comes to big cities.

The research specifically examined the impact that self-driving cars may pose on the area of Washington, D.C, and it suggests that introducing such cars would actually increase traffic by a shocking sixty six percent.  It was also found that the added traffic would benefit the rich, while at the same time, take away opportunities from lower-income families.

The researchers behind this study feel strongly that the cities who invest in self-driving cars should also spend the time and money to improve public transport, so that those who can’t afford such cars can still make it to work on time once the added traffic comes about.

People need to be put before cars.

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