Self Cleaning Door Handle

Technology never fails to surprise the world. Whether it is the simplest invention or the most complex, these ideas are unbelievable and are the core reason as to why the world is the way it is. Just recently, two students at the University of Hong Kong thought of an invention that is bound to change lives and the way people think or feel about sanitation.

According to Bored Panda, these young men “discovered quite a while ago that titanium oxide is extremely effective in killing bacteria and came up with an idea to ground it into a fine powder. They also noticed that it worked better when exposed to UV light.” Seeing how the mix of chemical properties could make a difference, they thought of the one thing that is the most bacteria-infected thing that is completely unavoidable.

Door handles are covered in an excess amount of bacteria and germs that can spread a multitude of diseases. With this being the case, “they designed a handle that’s made of a comprised glass tube with litte aluminium caps both on the top and bottom of it,” based off Bored Panda’s sources. As confusing as this sounds, it is pretty simple.

Basically, the door handle is covered with a powder that when mixed with light, a chemical reaction occurs that decomposes bacteria on the doorknob or handle. Genius, right? Well, this invention was so legendary that it just was one of the winning entries to the 2019 James Dyson Award.

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