Secret Mouth Tattoos

Indy Voet, a Belgian tattoo artist has recently gained himself a unique reputation for his tattoo art. So what makes his tattoos stand out from the rest? Well, believe it or not, it’s actually because he tends to make permanent tattoos in highly unheard of places of the body, such as behind the area, on finger webs, and yes, even inside people’s mouths (doesn’t sound like a pleasant experience at all, to say the least).  The artist has been doing so for the past five years and has created his very own tattoo technique. 

Seen as Voet is a former body piercing artist and was for an impressive ten years, the idea of tattooing in unheard of places seemed rather natural to him. And apparently, many others too find it super cool and attractive to have a tattoo inside of their mouths – even if no one will really see it other than maybe their partners and dentists during their annual checkups.  Indy Voet has shared that he doesn’t use much for these tattoos – and what’s most important is actually the client’s trust. He also shared that a tattoo machine would be far too harsh to use on such a sensitive part of the body. 

And while one would surely think that a tattoo inside the mouth would hurt like heck, according to Voet, most people find these types of tattoos to be rather painless, or at the very least, manageable compared to tattoos done on other parts of the body. And as for the healing aspect of getting a mouth tattoo? Again, while it doesn’t seem like it would be too promising, Voet claims that it’s just like any other tattoo and doesn’t require any kind of special treatment other than avoiding spicy foods for the first few days. Any takers? 

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