School Goes Against State By Implementing Facial Recognition System

Due to the unfortunate amount of massacres over the past few years, it has become essential to take school security to the next level.

School used to be a safe place where every child could go study, learn and enjoy their years of maturity and growth. Now, the idea of going to school has taken a dramatic turn for the worse. Students are scared to go to these institutions with the fear of not returning home later.

In order for students to gain that feeling of safety once again, the Aegis system was designed to do exactly that. The Aegis system is a facial recognition system that has the ability to track sex offenders, students who have been suspended, any person who has been notified that they are not allowed to be on property and any person who is believed to pose a threat to the school.

The facial recognition system is not new to many being that it was recently banned from San Francisco due to issues with the technology. The state of New York is aware of these prior problems and asked the New York school district to wait. Prior issues include inaccurate facial recognition’s especially on women and people of color, Buzzfeed claims.

The request given has been overlooked by the Lockport school district being that is has pure confidence in the system. The accuracy of the system is not yet known due to the recent placement of the technology.

According to Buzzfeed, Johanna Miller, director of Education Policy Center at New York Civil Liberties Union, has called the system “a colossal waste of taxpayers dollars and energy that should be spent educating kids.

The placement of the system has caused uproar as a result of Lockport school district not communicating and tending to the state of New York requests.

The Aegis system is still in place at the school district and will continue to be tested until further notice.

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