Round Trip To Mars

Elon Musk has shared on Twitter that he’s got high hopes that in the near future, a round trip ticket to Mars will cost less than a luxurious wedding in the near future.

Musk explains that it will be based on volume, however he truly believes that one day, the cost of a round trip ticket will actually be less than $500,000, and possibly one day might even go below $100,000 dollars.

These prices are low enough that most people from first world countries would be able to move Mars if they sold their home on Earth.  If his predictions are accurate, then the cost of life on Mars is set to seriously fall in decades to come, or getting there at least. NASA’s Curiosity rover has already taken over $2.5 billion in funding.

But then again, living on Mars, other than the ticket to arrive would surely not come with a cheap lifestyle, since everything would be completely dependent on Earth for shipments of goods, at least at the beginning stages.

Although his Twitter post was responded with some skepticism, Musk expresses that his goal is mainly to keep the public informed about the progress coming about when it comes to life on mars.

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