Rotisserie Chicken Pancakes

While we all love some nice fresh and juicy roasted chicken hot out of the oven, as well as some sweet and fluffy pancakes, the two of them together is a rather strange and unheard of combination. Perhaps fried chicken and waffles in America, but otherwise that’s as far as it goes.

Well, a small food stall chain in Taiwan has taken things to the next level and has brought some attention to themselves with their addition of roasted chicken shaped pancake pops.

Upon first look, they look just like small rotisserie chickens, however, they are completely meat free and are made from pancake batter.

These pancake pops could have anyone fooled due to the special pancake iron that’s perfectly shaped like a chicken, and have of course gone viral on Instagram, with everyone excited to share a snap of their unique treat.

At the moment, the company, YesMade has three of these stalls in Taiwan and sell these exciting pops in packages of five, with the price depending on the flavor. The options include matcha, cheese, peanut cocoa, original, and cocoa.  They’ve also got a secret flavor that changes on a regular basis.

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