Robots Scan For Sickness

At over two thousand preschools in China, children start their mornings by checking in with Walklake, a robot who is specially designed to check for any signs of sickness within an impressive mere three seconds.

The robot, Walklake uses several sensors and cameras to check the faces and hands of students for signs of an infected throat or a fever. Catching the sickness early on could prevent it from spreading further and infecting more students.

If anything is detected, the robot will notify the school nurse or a teacher. Then it’s up to the real live human to make the final decision as to whether or not they should be in school with their peers.

While this is a highly innovative step when it comes to health in the education system, many people still view it as an invasion of privacy.  And not only this, but there is also always the risk that the data of these students could be hacked.

Nonetheless, many experts still see the value of the robot as worthwhile.

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