Robots Are Stealing Your Job

If you haven’t yet started to worry about the fact that a robot may very well steal your job, then you certainly haven’t been paying enough attention to what’s happening around you.

Many experts are convinced that automation by robots will be disrupting pretty much every profession possible. More and more machines are becoming capable of taking over, and harming the workforce.

If you do find yourself unfortunately replaced by a robot, then you’ll want to remember the name NextStep Interactive.  This startup has recently gotten over $3 million of funding in order to help American workers displaced by robots find new jobs. Further, this startup aims to improve the healthcare system in America at the same time.

NextStep Interactive has plans to use the money they’ve raised to develop new learning systems and technology in order to assist workers learn skills in order to find new jobs in fields related to the medical world, such as medical assistants, health aides and other healthcare positions.

The numbers are completely shocking when it comes to automation for workers. But the good news is that there are new jobs out there, and they are in a meaningful and necessary field. Retraining needs and will be made more accessible for these workers.

NextStep can be the answer for many people who have been replaced by robots.  However, we should also keep in mind that healthcare as well is not completely immune to automation, but at the moment, the industry is in need of new workers.

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