Robotic Artwork

Highly sophisticated robots are now able to create works of art comparable to famous artists.   The RobotArt gallery has amazed us all with an impressive collection, depicting what the most creative algorithms and androids (by the most creative creators).

The top ten teams were recently announced and they walked away with cash prizes for their unique creations. Winning artworks will also be displayed at the Seattle Art Fair.

The various teams used a wide variety of approaches to create their artwork. CloudPainter, the team that was awarded first place used a machine learning system to create vivid portraits and landscapes.

The bronze medalists from Thailand created a robot that is capable of mimicking an artist.  It records the exact position, movement, and forces exerted by the brush and is capable of creating an exact copy of an artwork.

Some other teams used Artificial Intelligence algorithms in order to reproduce images. Others built robots that had the ability to create new combinations of paints and create works that looked as though they were made by humans.

Andrew Conru, who is the creator of the RobotArt does not believe that robots will replace humans, Perhaps it can help human artists to develop new tools and create new style of art though.

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