Roadkill Chef

A seriously strange job posting was seen by British media this past summer. One that you couldn’t even imagine in your wildest dreams….

A couple, who claims to be highly conscious about our ecosystem actually posted a job looking for a chef to prepare their wedding dinner out of nothing but roadkill. They offered an impressive £5,000 for whoever was capable of taking on this challenge. 

The very bizarre job posting was seen on, which is the top service marketplace in the United Kingdom. The posting mentioned that the bride and groom to be already had themselves 20kg of roadkill to be used, including deer, rabbit and squirrels. 

The couple posted that they are looking for someone who would be able to prepare the meat in a way that no one would actually know what they are eating, and are hopeful to find a chef that’s willing to do something out of the norm. 

They claim to have been eating in such a way for the past three years as a way to help the environment, and wanted to stick to their values, even at their wedding reception. 

We’re all for saving the environment and avoid waste, but we sure hope to not be invited to this wedding.

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