Reversing Alzheimer’s Symptoms

A completely drug-free treatment for the reversal of dementia is about to shift from animals to humans.

Australian researchers at the Queensland Brain Institute have released their study results, revealing that they were able to reverse dementia symptoms, a mental decline that often comes out as Alzheimer’s disease while experimenting with animals. They were able to successfully do this without using any drugs whatsoever.

The Federal Minister of Health in Australia has announced that they plan to grant these researchers with $10 million of funding from the country in order to continue to safely test these new technique on humans.

The technique, when applied to the brain area, opens up temporarily the ”blood-brain” barrier.  This then activates a variety of mechanisms that break apart, and clear out the toxic plaques that are related to dementia.

The technique has also proven to be effective on sheep and mice, and now with the new funding, the team will be able to start testing it of humans on the later side of 2019.

However, it is important to take note that this testing is merely the first phase towards a new therapy. If all goes well, then the researchers will be able to move into later phases and then confirm it’s effectiveness.

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