Resurrecting Dead Musicians

Many musicians who have already passed away have recently been resurrected on stage through holograms, including Tupac, Amy Winehouse, Roy Orbinson and Michael Jackson.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation has released a new feature that explores the legal implications that such a thing entails, bringing back a famous person out on the road.

According to Mike Seymour, a digital human researcher at the University of Sydney, musical holograms have only started to tap into the potential of the medium. He predicts that in the future, the machine will actually allow these holograms of dead people to interact with the crowd.

The report also reveals that the law is still trying to understand how to deal with performances after death.  In the United States, for example, there is a concept known as right to publicity, which gives one the right to profit from their likeness.  But whether or not this right applies after death is still questionable, and varies within states.

Then again, regardless of any legal measures, those that find it disrespectful to raise a performer from death will stick to their beliefs.