Respect The Toppings

No matter what meal is served on our plate, condiments are the usual necessity each time we say Bon Apetit! As we eat our favorite foods and gorge into the best deserts, the different types of condiments that can be used are literally endless.

Imagine ordering your favorite ice cream or yogurt at the store. In this case, a large chocolate and vanilla swirl sounds like the right choice. Now we take this ice-cream out of the server’s hands and devour it. As we are eating we realize something is missing… the toppings.

Realizing this is a huge catastrophe, spoons are thrown and words are spoken. Finally, as we get our favorite toppings on the side of our half-eaten ice cream we can instantly become a bit more satisfied than before. So now just think about life without no toppings.

Say goodbye to the extra flavors that continue to bless your mouth with pure happiness and joy. Sprinkles, chocolate, you name it, gone. After realizing this has become a reality, we begin to do something we forget to do at times, appreciate.

At the end of the day, the world will move on and people will continue with their everyday lives but that’s not the idea. The idea is to simply appreciate everything including the little things in life. Even if it is just an ice cream topping or condiment on your meal.

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