Research Reveals Why Dogs Give Humans Puppy Dog Eyes

In reality, who is not a dog lover. For some, dogs are there best friend, partner in crime and go-to buddy at all times. Being that this is the case for many, we all know that feeling when your furry friend gives you the cutest puppy dog eyes that instantly make your heart melt.

It has been discovered by researchers from the University of Portsmouth that dogs have actually developed that look we all know well, puppy dog eyes. Over time dogs have evolved new facial muscles around their eyes allowing them to better communicate with humans.

To find this information out, researchers studied the anatomy and behavioral difference of dogs and wolves over the years. It was found that dogs have a muscle allowing them to raise their inner eyebrow intensely, which gives the puppy eye effect to humans.

According to Mirror, Dr. Juliane Kaminski who led the entire study said how “The findings suggest that expressive eyebrows in dogs may be a result of humans unconscious preferences that influenced selection during domestication.”

These findings are beyond interesting and allow us dog owners to understand our furry friends just a little more. The next time your best bud gives you those loving puppy eyes, just know it’s all due to the influence us pet owners have had over the years.

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