Remembering Kobe Bryant

Many of us are still trying to grasp the fact that the legendary basketball player, Kobe Bryant, together with his beautiful daughter Gigi, are no longer with us. The world was taken by shock on January 26th to hear the heartbreaking news that they were taken from us far too soon in an unfortunate helicopter crash. Even now after his tragic death, Kobe remains larger than life and a strong presence in the NBA community. Here are some pictures to honor his daughter and  the life and legacy of Kobe Bryant.


A Family Man




With four stunning and talented little girls, Bryant was the real definition of a family man. He always made sure to put his family first before his career, and have them with him every step of the way!



Daddy’s Girl


GettyImages/Allen Berezovsky/GettyImagesEntertainment


Kobe and his daughter Gigi were like two peas in a pod – and were the best of friends. He loved her endlessly, and that love was shown through everything he did.


The Love Of His Life


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His stunning wife Vanessa was his everything, his soulmate, and his one and only, always. The two of them met at the young age of 17, and got married after a mere six months of dating. They were together ever since, married for nearly two decades!



Talented Beyond Belief




The 41 year old NBA player was talented beyond belief – and played his heart out in every game, always giving it his all and showing his passion in every move he made.


Always Full Of Life


GettyImages/Dave Mangels/GettyImagesEntertainment


Bryant was always full of life, ready to have a good time, and was never afraid to get his hands dirty. Here he is pictured accepting an honor at the Nickelodeon awards ceremony, and also accepting some golden slime thrown all over him.



A True Icon




Bryant was an absolute icon throughout his career and shined all the way through his impressive 20 seasons in the NBA! He was cherished by all of his teammates and fellow players alike. Anyone that had the chance to know him was truly lucky.


Endless Laughter


GettyImages/Mike Hewitt/GettyImagesSportClassic


Bryant, pictured here with Lebron James, could always be caught smiling or laughing, both on and off the court. He was a real jokester and had so much passion for life and everything he did.



Loved By All


GettyImages/Kevin Mazur/Fox/GettyImagesEntertainment


Kobe was deeply loved and appreciated by everyone who had the chance to know him on a personal level. Many of these people were fellow stars living in Los Angeles who all find inspiration in his ways. Kobe and Justin Timberlake shared many thoughts about what it meant to be a father.


Giving Back


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Bryant was all about giving back to the community, and sharing what he was fortunate enough to have with others, especially with children, doing endless charity work throughout this career.



Proud American




Bryant was proud of everything he did. He was especially proud to be a father, but also play for the Los Angeles Lakers, and he was proud to represent his country in the Olympics.


Forever Together


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Bryant had his girls and his wife by his side everywhere he went, especially so on the court. They were his biggest fans, and he was theirs. The love they had for each other, especially that of Gigi and Kobe was completely undeniable.



His Legacy Will Live On




Kobe Bryant’s legacy will forever live on, and he will always be remembered as a hero and as a true inspiration – for families across the globe, and for aspiring athletes to always chase their dreams.