Regretting The Retweet

The guy behind the introduction of Twitter’s popular function of ‘reweet’, Chris Wetherell, actually has revealed that he wishes he never came up with it.

Prior to the feature of ‘retweet’ in 2009, people actually had no choice but to manually repost other tweeters tweets to their own Twitter accounts. This was something that required using a conscious effort. 

Twitter hired Chris Wetherell to make this process more natural, which is reported to have led to a massive amount of false information being spread across the internet.  The sharing of information online has allowed for it be completely thoughtless, and a lot more impulsive. 

Wetherell has actually gone so far as to compare the retweet feature as ‘’handing a four year old a loaded gun’’.  This became even more clear and alarming in a recent case when a targeted harassment campaign against women, Gamergate exploded on the internet. 

According to sources, within a period of just three days, more than half of the tweets related to the case were actually retweets. At the same time, Wetherell has claimed that tweeters weren’t bothered by the massive impact that Twitter was having on the world. 

Wetherell also expressed that this situation was a ‘’creeping horror’’ for him, as it struck him that such strange behavior might be what’s going in real life. 

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