Regaeton As Torture

Maluma is one of the most well-known and loved reggaeton singers in the world.  Millions of people absolutely adore listening to the Colombian stars hits.

However, one Mexican official who has been imprisoned claims that he has been going crazy after been forced to listen to Maluma’s music.  He claims that police authorities have being torturing him by playing the reggaeton music at full blast, for the past 10 days to no end.

Gilbertro Aguirre Garza, who was once the director of the Attorney General’s Office in Veracruz, Mexico was jailed for his alleged involvement in the alteration of concealment of evidence related to the burial of 13 bodies.

In an effort to get more information out of him, and get him to admit to charges that he continuously denies, the governor of Verracruz as well as the state Attorney General have subjected him to torture through music.

Officials have installed loudspeakers outside of his cell, and continue to play the reggaeton music.  Apparently the music was so loud that even trying to cover his ears with his hands has prevented him from falling asleep.

The bizarre torture is reported to have a very specific purpose, of forcing him to sign a statement that accuses third parties of taking part in the crimes he has been accused of, and in fact, it actually worked after having a huge psychological impact on Gilberto.

Although this torture doesn’t seem too cruel, once you learn that he’s a huge fan of classic musical, it’s a whole lot worse.