Rebuilding Notre Dame

As flames tore apart the historic and beautiful Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, the world watched in horror and pain. Everyone started to try to accept the fact that the iconic church will be forever gone. However, it seems as though they may, in fact, be some hope after all.

Due to innovative, cutting-edge 3D technology by Andrew Tallon, an art historian, each and every single detail of the historic building has been recorded through laser imaging. These new records are now changing the way we understand the building and the way in which it was built.

People are now feeling as though with Tallon’s scans, that there is potential to have the church rebuilt. Back in the day, the only ways were could measure such buildings was with pencils, strings, and other primitive tools. Now, thanks to modern technology, we have been given the gift of better investigating this magical building.

Tallon has gathered a shocking one billion points of data, recorded from more than fifty locations from both inside and outside of the cathedral. Each precise measurement is recorded as a colored dot and comes out as a colored picture, similar to a photograph.

Those dots can form a 3D picture of the Notre Dame cathedral, and according to Tallon, it’s accuracy should be within 5 millimeters.  Our fingers are crossed that the structure will return to it’s glory days, although it will never truly be the same.

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