Real Life Green Eggs And No Ham

While there is no shortage of strange things that have gone viral, that surely doesn’t mean that we won’t get confused, creeped out and excited by new findings that have been shared on social media. So what’s the latest and greatest new trend? Well, believe it or not, it’s pictures of green chicken eggs!  Photos of chicken eggs with a dark green yolk have been making their rounds across the internet – confusing virtually everyone, including even veterinary specialists. At first it was thought to be some kind of photoshop or digital image editing, but eventually they were proven to be real and unedited. 

The photos of the green chicken eggs were traced back to a chicken farmer in Malappuram, India who has in fact confirmed that some of his chicken actually lay eggs that have a dark green yolk. Ak Shihabudheen, the young farmer even proved that they came from his chickens but posting a video of himself cracking an egg open, showing the green yolk to those on social media. He has also claimed to be just as confused and shocked as everyone else is right now, with not an idea in the world of what could have caused this. Perhaps Dr. Suess? 

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The first green yolk was found 9 months ago, and the farmer of course did not use the egg for consumption.  The same hen that laid this egg continued to be green for the most part, and the farmer decided to incubate these green eggs. Ak and his family have slowly started to consume the green eggs, and so far haven’t reported any type of unusual symptoms. He also shared that these green eggs have no difference in taste compared to regular yellow ones. Samples have been taken of both the eggs and the chicken to investigate, and now we’ve been left with an even more perplexing question than what came first, the chicken or the egg? 

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