Quantum Reading

If we told you it was possible to both read and memorize nearly 100,00 words in a mere five minutes, while blindfolded, you surely wouldn’t believe us. But as it seems, a student learning center in China has recently come out with a unique method known as quantum speed reading that makes such a thing possible. Or so, they claim.

The school is promising to teach young students through their method to read hundreds of pages by just flipping through them quickly, which of course has sparked some controversy in China after it went viral. 

Officials of the school denied knowing anything about such a method when they were questioned, however according to Weibo, a Chinese social media platform – the learning center has been targeting students from the ages of ten to sixteen, claiming that their quantum reading method will in fact help them read 100,000 words in just a few minutes. 

Quantum reading is reportedly the work of a Japanese educator who wrote a book on the method too. He claims that as one flips through the pages, images show up that help readers better retain the content, and that regardless of what language the text is written in, it will automatically be translated into the reader’s own language. 

Some of these courses have been found to come with seriously hefty price tags, with some as high as $38,000. Many have claimed that it’s all a scam and has never really been backed up scientifically. 

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