Puppy Ice Cream

A Taiwanese cafe has been noticed online for it’s uniquely shaped ice cream, and has recently gone viral.

In fact, their ice cream looks just like a puppy, so much so that it’s actually horrifying, yet kind of adorable too at the same time.

When we think about food, taste is usually the first thing that comes to mind, but eating is just as much a visual experience than it is a sensual one.

We can often be put off by certain foods due to the way they look, even if we know it’s delicious.  That’s exactly what this puppy-shaped ice-cream is doing to all of us.

We’re sure it tastes great, after all, it is ice cream, but eating such a realistic looking puppy is slightly disturbing, ice cream or not.

It has not yet been made clear how they create the ice-cream in such a shape, but they are most likely using high quality silicone molds, similar to other viral Taiwanese treats.

Many people claimed that they were unable to eat it, feeling as though it was simply too real looking.  Anyone who has managed to try it, please explain yourself.

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