Pull Out Your Wallet For Barkingham Palace

Dogs are known to be a man’s best friend.  Every sane dog owner wants only the want for their dog, and to let them live their best lives.

A UK company has the perfect offer to allow this to happen. The world’s very first luxury dog mansion will soon be launched by Hectate Verona, priced at up to $200,000.

The dog mansions consist of hardwood floors made from oak and beech. The walls and balconies are made from dolomite and marble. There is both outdoor and indoor lighting as well as automated water and food installations. And how could we forget the TV and sound system. Sounds just like a human mansion.

If you want to spoil your dog, this is the best item money can buy, although you’ll need a lot of it.  The creative director of the company explains that a dog deserves a house just as luxurious as his owners, especially since he is often seen as another member of the family.

The objective of the design was to create a royal looking dog mansion that would suit a garden. Hecate Verona conducted many tests on various dog breeds and even met with professional veterinarians to ensure that the living space would be nothing short of perfect.

After all of their extensive research, the result was that the home would be divided into two rooms, a living room and a bedroom and that it would offer a panoramic view of the garden, with the windows lowered exactly to the height of the dog to ensure the clearest view possible.

The dogs of their customers generally live inside which is why they wanted to offer them the same level of comfort. It makes being outdoors more enjoyable.

The actual manufacturing of these divine dog mansions is being led by craftsmen who are skilled in building yachts, meaning they are talented in paying attention to the smallest of details.

The company is also welcoming their customers to provide ideas for how they would like to see their dog’s home. The house will only start to be produced once they are sure that the customer is completely satisfied with all aspects of the mansion.

There has been luxury dog houses on the market before, however the Hectate Verona model is almost 10 times more expensive than previously seen models.

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