PTSD Keeping Veterans Unemployed

American culture loves to love the armed forces. They love to celebrate veterans on the Fourth of July, as well as on Veteran’s Day, and at any sporting event possible.

Yet somehow, veterans who return from warzones find that the civilian world is not that easy to enter, and that they aren’t actually welcomed back with the most open arms. Especially if they’ve got post traumatic stress disorder.

Studies have shown that somewhere between 11 to 20 percent of post 9/11 veterans suffer from PTSD, with symptoms varying from person to person.  Some people don’t like social situations, some people don’t like toing alone, some experience panic attacks, it truly varies.

The one thing however that most veterans will agree on though is the stigma that they’ve got.  In fact, many of them feel as though they are shut out by employers. Although there are several large companies that do in fact have programs to help veterans get jobs, they still face challenges and their needs are not always met or understood by employers.

Even those with a high position in an appealing job can often be faced with poor assesments due to their PTSD symptoms.

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