Protein Made From Electricity & Air

While veggie burgers are an environmentally friendly innovation that help us get the protein our bodies need, Solar Foods, a Finnish startup has taken things to the next level, coming up with an all new protein-filled food known as Solein, made solely from water, air, and electricity. They’ve successfully managed to do so through a process similar to that of brewing beer that is completely environmentally friendly. 

This unique protein is made from combining electricity and water, in order to release the bubbles from hydrogen and carbon dioxide. Living microbes then are put together with the liquid to feed off of the bubbles, and then Solein protein is produced, dried and made into an edible powder.  It both looks and tastes like wheat flour, and 50 percent of its contents are protein. 

Solein does not require any form of agriculture, and is a completely revolutionary protein that is suitable for all diets, and can be produced across the globe, regardless of climate or any external factors. Not only that, but its also an impressive 10 times more energy efficient than photosynthesis, and a whole lot more environmentally friendly than any other plant or animal food product. 

Solar Foods is doubtful that Solein will take over traditional protein sources any time soon, but it does have plans to become a source of hope for the future of humanity, and a backup plan to relying on plants and animals for survival.  By the end of 2021, they have plans to open their very first factory and start producing as much as two billion meals annually. 

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