Professor Doesn’t Play Games

A professor just played the biggest trick on his students, one so good that no one would have ever thought that this teacher could pull it off. Just recently, a professor took charge of the cheating that has been going on in his classroom for a while now.

Over time this professor has realized that his students were continuously going to the bathroom during the examination period. After a while, it was taken notice that these students were spending more time than necessary in the bathroom. Through investigation and the teacher’s smarts, it was realized that these students weren’t going to the bathroom for the right purpose.

In reality, they were going to the bathroom mid-exam just to research the answers to the questions they did not know. So, what did this professor do? Well, he took charge and decided that it was time to trick his students into a question that would decipher if they were cheating or not.

On the last exam given in the class, this professor and the teacher assistant made up a fake question on, which is a resource many students use to help answer their difficult questions. The Chegg question posted by the teacher assistant was the exact same question on the exam so when students fell on that question and were confused, they went to the bathroom and got the answer from the question posted on Chegg.

Little did these students know, the question and answer on Chegg was both posted and facilitated by the professor. When the professor went to grade the exams it was quite noticeable that the students who answered the question identically to the Chegg post were cheating. With that being said, any student that fell for the trap was given an automatic zero and sent to student conduct at the university. Quite genius to say the least.

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