Professional Mourners

For some people, crying when they lose a loved one does not come naturally.  However, mourning and wailing is a large part of funerals in Ghana.

It represents how beloved the deceased person was by their community and family.

With this being said, it only makes sense that certain people in Ghana are ready to pay professional mourners to cry for them.  These people make a living off of doing this, while at the same time they help strangers send off their family members to the after-life properly.

The cost is based on the size of the funeral, so a big funeral will cost even more than a small one.

Professional mourning is only one part of Ghanian funerals, with some people spending more on a funeral than they would do on a wedding. The average funeral in Ghana costs somewhere $15,000-20,000, and is supposed to have as many mourners as possible.

This big events often feature billboards with funeral arrangements, and sometimes have artistic coffins.  Some criers even charge for different styles of crying, such as crying with swag, deep wailing and shouting, crying and rolling on the floor, and much more.

It sounds like quite the profession.

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